You are a spirit.  It is so sad that many people do not feel that spiritual connection.

Self-acceptance and respect is the first step towards your spiritual reconnection. Organize yourself in the spirit of unity and becoming one people loving one another and helping one another.

Empowering your people, to have great vision, see greatness and possibility of greatness in them is the next step to this spiritual connection.

When you empower yourself, you get to know that you can do or be anything you seek to be and when you actualize it, then others will start respecting you and you also will begin to feel your connection to spirit and begin to explore your inner worlds.

Until then, you will continue to live in pain and suffer. Until you wake up to start loving yourself, you will not know the essence of life.

When you begin to know and love yourself, it is then that you can begin to love others as yourself. That love will deodorize any negativity towards you and it will lift up others as well.

Bob Marley was right when he said “One Love, one heart, let’s get together and feel alright.”