Today, Brother Ishmael continues the story behind his encounter with God.

He said “I grew up and was told that God can only hear Latin and English prayers but for vernacular, it is totally forbidden in the ears of God.”

“I lost my father at an early stage in life and the only father I had was the Bible. This divine presence of God that manifested before me, commanded me to go and bless all the rivers of the land.

I was afraid and thought that I had met the devil himself.”

I have read the Bible many times. I saw in the Bible that ‘When you go to the house of the idols, eat whatever is set before you asking no questions but give thanks for whatever you have been served with.’ The story is in my book, the ‘I am Gospel.’”

Again, Titus 1:15 told me that ‘unto the pure all things are pure but unto the impure, all things are not pure.’ This opened my spiritual eyes.

I realised that there was nothing wrong with blessing the rivers and water bodies from which comes the fish we eat since we tend to bless the fish on the dining table.

Blessing the water bodies I realised will cause the abundance of fish on the dining table. I started understanding nature and the universe. I went round and blessed all the rivers and even the ocean.”

Bless every situation in your life to empower you to manifest your highest good.