Today, Brother Ishmael continues the story behind his encounter with God.

He said “I then received insight into herbal medicine and at that time, I used to suffer from a severe stomach ulcer.

At Ordinary Level in Senior High School, I was always sick. I was due for surgery but when I was given the spiritual cure to the sickness by God, it was to use the plantain pods (the flower) and that I was to cut it into two, boil it and drink the solution thereof. I did this and for about three days, the stomach ulcer vanished.

I then enquired from God again, how to make a barren woman fertile. I continuously asked questions about how to heal sicknesses and this has given us the greatest herbal centre in Ghana.

In effect, knowing God is the best thing that can ever happen to man.

Madonna speaks of the female aspects of God. Upon all my dignities, I came from the womb of a woman. If I am great, then the source from which I came is greater.

God is more female than male.