Love is one topic people rarely understand because it might be so often spoken about that no one cares about it anymore. The topic love has been over shared in its diluted form for a long time and now, when you hear the truth of it, you cannot discern the reality of what you are hearing.

Love means seeing the good and the divine or seeing the possible good and the divine in yourself and in all of life. In love is sacrifice; that is striving to positively impact the lives of others so that the good in them can manifest for the benefit of all people.

Love  is a virtue of God and it is the active practice of oneness (unity) and if humanity has been practicing this virtue of God for over two thousand years then there should be peace on this planet plane called earth. Yet what do we see? Those who are supposed to be the bearers of this virtue have caused and are still causing havoc havoc to humanity either directly or indirectly.

We tend to blame the various Islamic groups for causing all sorts of mess but in the year 2003, a super Christian nation rose against an innocent Islamic country with the excuse of having weapons of mass destruction. They destroyed the country’s infrastructure and brought the leader of that state under prosecution and eventually hanged him.

Many black leaders spoke against this. Notably among them were Kofi Annan the then UN Secretary General and President Nelson Mandela of South Africa. Yet, this Christian nation did not pay any heed to the plea. Now all these Islamic groups are acting from that place of pain.

Jesus said ‘Love your enemies’ according to Matthew 5:43-48.

Love is the solution to the problems of humanity.

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