Better is the poor who walks in his integrity, than the one who is perverse in his lips and is a fool. (Proverbs 19:1)

The pressure to get ahead or keep up can be so overwhelming that you as a child of Father-Mother God are often tempted to compromise your ethics or brands. You do a little shading of the truth in order to make some extra money.

You intentionally overvalue something or sell defective products to unsuspecting customers. Or maybe you just do not tell the truth in a situation. The desire to make money is so intense that many a times you forget that you are here to completely evolve and be more.

But if you want to enjoy God’s favour and blessing, you must be completely honest. And the decision to do what is right and trust God is not a once-for-all decision. It is a daily moment-by-moment decision. So decide to always do what is fair and just, and see God bless you beyond your wildest imagination.

Ask God for the wisdom and inner strength to walk absolute integrity and conduct all your dealings in complete honesty.