The type of thoughts you entertain and the emotional response or reactions you give are mostly automatic. This accounts for why you sometimes regret your reactions. To live such a life is empty; and where your life is, is the result of these thoughts and feeling reactions.

A useful way is to choose to consciously participate in your life.

Make time to note the type of thoughts that come into your mind and the predictable emotional responses and reactions. Notice which thoughts and feelings are useful and productive and which of them are not, then consciously choose what thoughts and feelings you would desire instead of the unproductive ones. You would then be participating in your own life.

Step into the attitude of “I consciously participate in my life.”

Describe a desirable thought and feeling to lewis and lewis until it is real to you. Invite a thought such as “Wealth” and describe what it is; what it means; what benefit it is; its sensory values of Sight, Smell, Touch, Taste and Hearing, and it will be real to you. Then at any time you may consciously invite it into you for celebration.

You may do the same for noble thoughts as Love, Wisdom and Peace.

God bless you.