You have been born from spirit into the womb and from the womb into your present human life; and you will be born out of this life back unto spirit life. This phase comes certainly comes through death for all as stated in Ecclesiastes 12:5 “… and desire shall fail: because man goeth to his long home and the mourners go about the streets.”

As you can see, every phase is dependent on the precious phase. If you did not evolve your organs while in the womb, you would be born handicapped and you must still fulfill the Original Blessing commanded in Phase 1, which is also your Evolutionary Imperative. In all of your phases of life, one thing is clear; “you are a spirit on a spiritual adventure.

Keep yourself alive a this awareness, “I am a Spirit, Spirit of the living Father, Mother God. I am here to reveal the power and glory of God”. The awareness that you are a Spirit will enable you to transcend human pains.

Live in Spirit and as Spirit. You were a conscious Spirit and that is what you will ever be. Let today embrace eternity and live in the knowing, “I Am Spirit.”
To create your future, you have to envision it. One certain future is Your Life After Your Exit from this body. This is the future that the majority ignores to envision.

For the great spiritual life that you are living now, what is your future Heaven like? Jesus taught that if you pray, believe that you have and you shall have it. That means, go to the end of the fulfilled state of the prayer and experience it and that will manifest the desire. To have your deserved Heaven, step into it now and describe it.

Start with the statement: “I live in Heaven…… and continue”.

Here is an example: “I live in heaven, in mansions of kindness decorated with joy and purpose. I commune with beings of like natures and we plan ways of birthing new shades of beauty. I have paintings of Intelligence on my walls that birth new ideas of how to support the evolution of life to me.”