You have entered into a new month, September 2016. Your progress in this new month will depend on the thought seeds you plant and how you constantly water those seeds in your life.

The ultimate thrust of life is towards abundance; that is being more of what is planted in it. Thus a grain of corn in the soil becomes more. In this knowledge lies your opportunity to create your life and destiny.

The farmer clears the land, plants the seed and waters it or waits for the rain. His input is small indeed because he does not know how his or her grain of corn becomes more.

Plant a thought seed of health and wealth for yourself today.

For five minutes, five times in today enter into silence. Weed out all worries and anxieties by bringing to mind the events in which you loved somebody. Then state “I release into my consciousness the idea (seed) that I am rich, healthy and wealthy and I live as one”.

Now water it by bringing to mind several events in which something good happened to you such as when someone gifted to you or offered you help, love and counsel.

Now go ahead and take action. And, of course, you can create other seeds of your desire.

Plant Your Thought Seeds Consciously Today!