The Possibility of Peace

Brother Ishmael Tetteh notes: “In my lifetime, I have seen the cold war dissolved, I have seen the Berlin wall come down, I have seen Apartheid dismantled, I have seen the man of colour in the White House and I have seen Grass root movement through social media topple governments. In our lifetime, we can come together and topple ignorance by demanding a slight shift in human thinking and social development.”

Etherean Mission on the occasion of its Annual Planetary Liberation Day symposium has chosen for this year the theme “Inter-Political and Inter-Religious Harmony: A Road Map To World Peace” to discuss how politics and religion can become true advocates for peace.

This year’s Planetary Liberation Day symposium comes off today, Saturday the 17th of September, 2016 at the Etherean Mission Temple Sakaman, at 9:30am. All are cordially invited.

For further information please contact PR on 0208-184492 or 0548-177633.