You can pray for other people without their consent, and it is spiritually or Karmically right to do so.

The person in question might not even like you and this should not stop you from declaring good over their lives.

You can visit a hospital and start praying for patients. Do this as an act of love knowing that you are brought by life to promote life.

Remember that the sun does not need your consent to shine.

If the prayer is towards the evolutionary good of all people, then you have no reason to stop declaring that good over the person.

In life you do clean dirty environments although you did not make them dirty. You need to do the same to ensure the good of other people.

The karma of the person may be destroying him but it is your responsibility to help them out of their situations.

Bible implores you to pray and bless even your enemies according to Matthew 5:43-48.

Bless someone with your prayers today!


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