Not many people make time to relate with themselves.This should not be the case with anyone who wants to be successful in life.

You may be busy doing many things to honour your friends; you attend to their funerals, weddings, visit them in the hospitals, and engage them in long telephone conversation. That is good; it is part of life.

Now turn your attention to yourself, because, until you relate perfectly well with yourself you will not be able to relate well with others.

Engage your thoughts and emotions in conversations. Get to know them and let them know your inner and outer voice. When you say ‘Yes’ or ‘No,’ do your thoughts and feelings obey you? If not, then you are not in true friendship with them. Do you listen to them and know their sources?

Be friends with your inner friends; love them and let them know that you do. You are all you have; Relate with Yourself!

Get the book, “Essential Life Education” and be the force of good you have always desired to be.