“All Righteousness without Oneness is nothing but a decorated malicious evil.” (Brother Ishmael Tetteh)

Jesus said, according to Mark 12:29 that “Hear oh Israel our Lord God is one God” just us Muslims believe in ‘Laailaha Illalah.’ This teaching by Jesus is almost dead among Christians and Muslims alike who only say ‘God is one’ on their lips.

Besides, every religious leader in the world preaches righteousness. The basis of this is to show their faithfuls the way to the Kingdom of God. Among these teachings include the obligation to stay away from theft, murder, fornication, and that cleanliness is next to Godliness. But one thing is lacking; there is no emphasis on the need for oneness. This is even absent in most cases during the teachings of religious organisations.

A good number of these righteous religious teachers and leaders neither preach nor live oneness. They believe and preach that their religion is the only way to the Kingdom of God. Question is, which of the religions; Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, among others say there are two or more supreme Gods? God sent different masters to different generations to teach the way to His Kingdom.

So if we are not united in the Lord God, are we sure we can enter His kingdom?

Oneness should be the focus of religion in the world. Love all people including those who hate you. This is true religion. God bless you.

Righteousness without oneness is disaster.