Here is a Heaven of an Empowered Child of God that you may modify.

Go through “I am Spirit” Phases 1 to 3 and then read this, modifying it to suit your heaven as you go along.

“I live in heaven, a state where I have awoken to what I AM as the sun that shines to empower others. I am happy because of those for whom I shine.
Every morning I break forth with joy and bestow my rays of goodness on all earthly life and I quicken them with the wish to be as I am. I bring freshness and arouse soul to the journey of self-discovery. I saturate my world with the vibrations of knowledge, wisdom and care.”

“I am the great energetic ball of divine fire dancing on my cosmic journey of eternal unfoldment as I travel through infinite space bringing the light of life-enhancing knowledge, life and liberty to all I encounter. I am in heaven and earth is where I came from: my blessing and energy shall continue to nourish she that gave the opportunity to be what I am.”

End by describing the life you are living now or intend to live that will ensure that you have the Heaven you have envisioned.