You have been told that the best things in life are free. Today, you are awakening to the truth that NOTHING in life is free. The air you breathe, the water you drink, the sunshine you receive may be free in monetary terms; but in real terms you owe life for all these.

All the resources you use from nature and your natural possessions like your body and your knowledge have been loaned to you to work with, and make payments. Service to Life is the only way you pay back.

You came to this life with an overdrawn account and it is by your unrelenting service to life that you settle your debt. If your account remains overdrawn for a long time, it means you are not able to pay for your existence and life will demand payback.

If, on the other hand, you use the body, knowledge, creativity, love and whatever possession life has granted you effectively, you might even accrue a credit balance in your account.

Life will now offer you more and more of itself including extending your life to achieve greater good.

Show your creditworthiness through giving. As you Give more of what you have, you will Get more so as to become more blessing to life.