Things outside of us that we encounter are to call forth what’s already within. You have within you a repertoire of emotions and you can choose which of them to release in response to external stimuli whether love, anger or hatred. But more often than not, our responses are automatic so we become mechanical beings always reacting to situations in similar fashion. The usual state is that when you encounter anger in someone else, it easily evokes anger in you also.

You have the ability to respond in a different way than the usual; and where you are able to choose how you respond to situations, you start to master your emotions – this is the beginning of conscious living.

Your state of being is largely the state of your emotions because it is emotions that give weights to your thoughts and beliefs.  To the extent that you are able to choose higher emotions (like love, joy) over lower ones (like fear, hatred), you cultivate a higher state of being.You become more appreciative of others, less judgmental, and more forgiving.

Check the present state of your being by identifying your dominant emotions on the feeling spectrum. And start taking active steps to change the state of your being to a higher level. This is what conscious evolution is about!