When you sow a seed, you leave it for the growth process to go on naturally. You do not uproot the seed occasionally to see how far and how fast the seed is maturing.

In the same way, you have to allow the Spirit of the universe to take absolute control of your endeavors.

Surrendering is a conscious act of faith and of courage that will propel you towards your highest good for the good of all people.

With this idea of cooperating with the universe https://acfa-cashflow.com/, you will begin to discover that life is responsibly working through you, with you and for you. This will empower you to express your divine nature in meaningful ways.

Surrendering to spirit is freedom. You will then reap the rewards of Godly living and entrust yourself to infinite love. In this way, you will experience deep peace and well-being in life.

Embody this spiritual knowledge today.