From the centre of the universe within the vastness of my soul, I evoke thee to come forth Oh God of all life, all wisdom, all power, all love, and all splendour to flourish through my laudable undertaking. I am one with thee Oh Great Spirit of Spirits because the fullness of you embodies my soul. Let your power, love and presence shine radiantly through me guiding all my ways and divine ambitions to reveal the brightness of the day.
Abiding in the centre of you, most adorable God, my will and courage are energized by your dream of beauty and power. My ways are filled with the holy influence as I give expression to all your divine attributes within me. In union with you and as your power always works through me, nothing in the entire universe opposes my good; all things work for the fulfilment of my will.
The spirit of the air is ministering the life presence of God to me, renewing my soul, mind and body. The spirit of the fire is ministering God’s transforming and transmuting grace through me, making me bright; and I absorb holy learning from pain. The spirit of the water is ministering God’s restoring grace through my life and I am ever purified and reborn with the fullness of the God presence. The spirit of the earth is ministering God’s stabilizing love in my soul.
In the fullness of my Godhood, and radiantly perfect in the midst of the elements, I successfully create my will to the glory of God. Oh God, the flame of your divine love and wisdom purifies my mind and will. And you have become the health of my soul, mind and body. All of life is assembled working for my highest good and my life is become the never-ending ever revealing glory of your mighty magic presence.
I take authority over my life and bless every condition I go through to reveal greater good in my life.
To you Oh Father-Mother God the most holy, who is the vastness of my soul, be all praise and glory throughout the ages. To your name be might and power without end. Amen and Amen.