“My body is the Temple of the living God; and the spirit of God dwells in me. The perfect power within me knows how to make my body function perfectly. As I choose wholeness in mind and body, I am made every whit whole. I thank God for radiant health in every cell, tissue and organ of my body.

I turn away from patterns of past failures. All of the power of the universe is mine to use. The infinite intelligence within me guides and directs my every endeavour towards certain success. I am not alone. The infinite love within me is all that I need. As I give this love forth to all mankind, it returns to me as perfect right companionship. The love I give away I keep. I find peace of mind through trusting God. I give over every anxious thought to the perfect power within me, knowing that this power is all-knowing and all-powerful. As I place my security in God, perfect right action is established in my life and affairs.

I am planting a thought seed for perfect right employment for myself. As I plant this seed in the creative medium of life, all of the power of the universe goes to work for me. I am led to the right people and provided with right ideas. My perfect position is drawn to me now. I am protected at all times and under all circumstances. God, who created me, at the centre of my being, knows how to protect and guide me so that no harm can come to me.

I have no enemies; I am at one with all of life. I am protected always. I forgive myself for all the mistakes and confusion of the past. I wipe the slate clean and begin anew. The perfect power within me expresses through me right thoughts and attitudes that produce right action in my life. I choose a new life today.

And so it is. Amen.”