Man is either sense driven and led or Spirit driven and led.

Driven and led by the senses, we see differences that lead to the sense of separation and produces segregation. For example, we see differences in skin colour and that leads to racism and the caste system; we hear us speak different languages and have different preferences for music that divides us into tribes; we have different choices for tastes of food and clothing and the list goes on. All these come together to group us into varying cultures, religions and clubs. You cannot convince the sense of taste that the tomato and the pepper are the same because they both have red colour and you cannot tell the sense of sight that the White man and the Black man are the same. Thus, sense driven and led, we are bound to see differences that may lead to separations and segregation that also lead to the many evils of conflicts, confusions and wars.

The fundamental problem that needs to be addressed is the apparent falsehood of a sense-driven world.

Religion, sourced from the Latin, ‘Re-ligare,’ means to bind, bond, yoke, unite or bring together and it is meant to give us the spiritual vision of things that will make us see and feel the unity thread that runs through the multi-coloured beads. Unfortunately, religion has become the breeding grounds for the worst evil for humanity, blinded by the senses and passionately promoting segregation.

Religion presented us with a God, One God, and all religious sects have the same definition for God as the Ultimate Reality and creator of the heavens and the earth; and the manifester of the seen and the unseen. Yet, all or religious teachings and practices are about promoting differences, segregation, conflicts and wars and in the name of this God and for God, they maim, kill, and destroy one another.

Each religion makes an exclusive right and access to its God and condemns all others; and are prepared, in the name of their God, to kill you for God.

Stop following religious dogma and be the true and empowered child of God that you were created to be. Humanity awaits your manifestation. Show love to all people.

God bless you.