So what is your excuse this time?

You don’t have money?….good excuse. Your parents didn’t ensure you go to school?….better excuse. The government is corrupt and they’re not providing jobs and opportunities?….great excuse. There are witches in your family holding you down?….. marvelous excuse….and so on.

So what is your aim?…..To be the king of excuses and create the perfect excuse whiles others are using the same energy and time to think about how they can impact the world and bring about new technologies and innovations?

You give yourself meaningless reasons why you cannot do it now. Rather why don’t you try it the other way round by giving yourself reasons why you are making it and go ahead to make it?

There are too many kings and queens on the land of excuses and your participation is not needed there…its overly crowded .

Be a winner. Put in the right actions NOW!!! Don’t wait, don’t depend on man or any thing and you don’t need a sign from the skies. Just do it now!

Join the Etherean Mission youth on a mind blowing youth day this Sunday, 4th September, 2016 with the theme: “WHY NOT NOW?” Why not take actions now!

The future of course is now!

Come with friends and family!