Pain is part of God’s equation and you don’t have to create and blame an imaginary ‘devil’ for it. These are some truths you should know about pain:

If human pain is because of disobedience, which animal disobeyed God for them to go through pain and death? Even plants go through pain and death.

Again, Life is about constant change and change carries pain with it.

For instance change from whatever the beginning is that we call spirit into incarnation in the womb; change from foetus life to human life through birth; change from childhood to youth then to adulthood; then to old age and death- all these phases of life come with pain.

Moreover, some diseases came with childbirth and others with old age and when we embrace what is natural; we work it out to our advantage.

Both pain and pleasure are there for your use.

Arise from your worry and move on in life for God is with you and in you!