The salvation gospel preached leaves many questions unanswered. This is what you are taught:
1. You were you created in the spiritual image and likeness of God but in sin for you to be saved unto God.
2. From birth you are made to feel in need of salvation so you must be baptized. For God so loved all of his children in the world that he gave up his only begotten special son to be slaughtered in sacrifice to him so that the rest of his world children will be saved.
3. Also you are told that for the one sin of our Great, great, great… Grandparents, Adam and Eve, Almighty God of the entire universe of planets, stars and galaxies is forever on the alert to punish anyone born on earth, unless you are saved in the name of his special son whose Western name is Jesus.
On the foundation of these three fallacies (triangle of salvation) the world is hypnotized, mesmerized, religiously brutalized, molested and exploited.
The pictures we have of God from the world’s triangle of salvation is that of a monstrous, psychotic, erratic and irrational angry deity; a blood thirsty fiend who has changed his taste from the blood of animals to that of human blood.
Saved from What and from Whom?
What are we to be saved from? Who placed us in need of salvation? Did God create us in his image and likeness and is now fighting his arch enemy, the devil, to win some of his creation unto himself in heaven?
If God has a plan for humanity can anything thwart that plan? A god whose plan can be changed by another power is not God. A God who is fighting another power is not God.
We are here to provide the healing. Join us in this spiritual crusade to wrestle the souls of men for the hands of the tricksters, wolves ravening in sheep clothing.
Every day, if the numbers of people who zealously prepare to go to church are taught the true science of salvation, the world would have been a much, much better place.
The desire to know the truth is in everyone who goes to church, mosque, temple or shrine to pray.
Science of Salvation
There is nothing like salvation in the dictionary of God. There is Evolution of the Soul.
The purpose of humanity is to awaken to and activates their God qualities, to be conscious of them and to express and expand them. (Gen 1:26-28).
Every child is born into the collective knowledge system of the earth and is thus capable of activating and mastering any knowledge system such as arts, science and philosophies and these accounts for the evolution of science, technology, arts and philosophies.
The child evolves through learning and in the course makes mistakes as well. He is not punished for all the mistakes he committed in the primary and elementary schools.
We are, similarly, created in the full spiritual image and likeness of God and to evolve these God qualities. We do this learning in the God schools known as the churches, mosque, temples and shrines and we cannot be punished for our primary and elementary errors. We are to focus and evolve our God qualities.
This is why in Etherean Mission, we provide you with the knowledge of a vast awesome God, absolutely loving and purposeful. Then we give you the Life Tools to identify, activate and express these God qualities and to expand its beneficial effect on life. Spiritual Persona is one of such powerful tools that enables us to precisely identify what we are loaded and coded with before birth and how to activate it, express and expand them.
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