The entire elements (water, fire, air and earth) are spiritual entities.

You can touch the body of the air and the other elements. When you eat food or drink water, you are indirectly taking in all or some of these elements.

To live and not know this is spiritual blindness.

Meditate on the God consciousness in the elements. You will then be awakened to know that God is closer to you than even your body.

Ezekiel 37 encourages you to prophecy (connect) to the life abilities in the elements in order to influence situations in your life.

Daniel 7:2 also speaks about the four winds (the four elements.)

Jesus knew the elements and so the elements knew Him; thus the wind and the waters obeyed his commands.

In the elements, you feel the joyful, refreshing transformation and transmutation power of God.

Know and make use of the spirituality of nature everyday.