Compared to the Milky Way Galaxy that contains it, the Earth is like a drop of water in the ocean; and so far, there are over 100 billion discovered galaxies; some of which are hundreds of times bigger than ours.

With fervent, passionate and faithful care, Creative-, Love- and Intelligence takes care of the huge planets, stars and galaxies keeping all on their paths in perfect order.

With the same fervent, passionate and addicted faithfulness, it takes care of ants providing them with their abundant supply. I always marvel at this observation. And the only way that the Creative-, Love- and Intelligence t of the Universe can do this is by coding itself into and as every unit of creation.

You are coded and loaded with the very substance of God. Pause and notice what power of God is seeking its expression though you today.

The purpose of man: the evolutionary Imperative – the original Blessing – here to evolve to evolve for the promotion of life.

Man is the faith of life. God in action. He has blood like animals but he is no ordinary animal. He outmatches the birds in the sky, live deeper underground than foxes, a whole village lives underwater for months and swims faster than any fish.

Man pre-existed his birth and must logically, post-exist his death according to Jeremiah 1:5.