Within you is an infinitely large you that is connected to everyone and to everything in the universe.

Declare this: “Within the breath in my nostrils is an infinitely large air that is connected to everyone and to everything on earth. I can smell the wealth of the rich, touch the health in the healthy, eat the wisdom in the wise, see the beauty in the beautiful and hear the wondrous stories of the evolving universe of planets, stars and galaxies.”
Again declare that, “This is a large me, alive in a large universe. Yet, beyond my breath and within me, is my Spirit which is Me. Within me is Life sourced from the One Life that was in the beginning; this life is all-power, joy, strength, intelligence, ability and creativity.”

Also declare that, “Truly, within me is the kingdom of God unfolding its perfect beautiful dream through my life. I am the revelation of the infinite power, love and the very presence of God on Earth; And So It Is. Amen!”

You have God in you and so you are the very presence of God.

God bless you.