I define “The Word of God” as the knowledge that awakens the God Potential in you or inspires you to do so.

It is not the motivation that inspires you to achieve more than others to satisfy your pride. It is what inspires you to be more for the greater good of all. It is not what makes you have dominion over others; it is what gives you victory and dominion with others.

It is what inspires you to bear fruits of the Spirit such as Peace, Love, Humility, Patience, Wisdom and Creativity according to Galatians 5:22-23 and this goes beyond all that you have expressed before.

The Word of God, is found by those who diligently seek it.

It may be found in the Bible, Quran or the Gita which also contains the words, history and cultures of men. It may be found in the wisdom of your ancestors and may be heard in the mumbling of a child.

It may be heard, smelt, seen, tasted or felt in the so-called holy and so-called unholy places. It is there in the Air, Water, Fire, and the in the Mountains, awaiting your recognition and experience.

Ask your soul and it will lead you to it. Until it is known by your soul, it is not it. Ask your soul, I say, and deep within, your soul knows it. Hence our elders in Africa teach that “Obiaa nkyere abofra Nyame,” meaning, no one teaches God to ta child. Truth is evident to all who seek it.