Parents have an immediate role to play in ensuring that all areas of their children’s lives (such as their time, energy, psychological, physical and spiritual lives) are well branded.

Let us consider a research conducted on the branded life of one individual who lived in America and how this influenced his children’s future. Jonathan Edwards was his name. The research was conducted almost one hundred and fifty years after his death.

It was discovered that when Jonathan Edwards was just twenty years old, he wrote a list of personal resolutions (that is his branding philosophies).  Among them was that “ask myself, at the end of every day… wherein I could possibly, in any respect, have done better.”

Despite a rigorous work schedule that included rising as early as 4:30am, reading and writing in his library, extensive travels, and endless administrative meetings, he always made time for his children.  Indeed, he committed to spending at least one hour a day with his eleven children.  And what if he missed a day because he was traveling?  He diligently made up the hour when he returned.

The research further showed that of Edwards’ known descendants, there were thirteen college presidents, sixty-five college professors, thirty  judges, one hundred lawyers, sixty physicians, seventy-five army and navy officers, one hundred pastors, sixty authors of prominence, three United States senators, eighty public servants in other capacities including governors and ministers to foreign countries, and one vice-president of the United States. Isn’t this wonderful?

As Ethereans in our fourty-one-year anniversary, lets us help in branding our children and the youth but not neglect them in this aspect bearing in mind that they were brought by life to promote life. God bless you!