When both political parties and religious bodies are focused on ways to fulfill the National Agenda, they will have little time for insults and counter insults; there will be little space for vain promises or initiating policies just to impress the masses.

We will have national identifiable goals for political parties to work towards and that will foster peace.

The ‘devil’ they say finds work for idle hands and there is too much space for mental and emotional idling in our political and religious sectors.

Political parties that refrain from insults and fault-finding and focus on principles and honourable goals, supported by religious bodies with positive and effective prayer, are bound to experience total harmony for World Peace.

Etherean Mission on the occasion of its Annual Planetary Liberation Day symposium has chosen for this year the theme “Inter-Political and Inter-Religious Harmony: A Road Map To World Peace” to discuss how politics and religion can become true advocates for peace.

This year’s Planetary Liberation Day symposium comes off on Saturday the 17th of September, 2016 at the Etherean Mission Temple Sakaman, at 9:30am. All are cordially invited.

For further information please contact PR on 0208-184492 or 0548-177633.