Rituals are what we do to tune us to God. No ritual can compel or conquer God.

No ritual is formulated by God. All rituals are formed by men to keep them in connection with God.

The sight person (one whose dominant sense is sight ) for instance would like to use a candle whiles praying in order to embody the consciousness of God as the great light.

Again, no two churches or religions have the same rituals.

Most of the time, people born in Europe have pointed nostrils due to the cold weather and people born in Africa have flat nostrils due the warm weather. This tells you of the differences in rituals and the culture of nature (the weather).

The daily cleaning of ourselves, the rest we take at night, dancing in churches, prayer in all forms, are all rituals. In effect, rituals are what we do every day. 

No two people are the same in their attitude; not even twins. You may notice some similarities but the differences are always evident.

The essence of religion is to love one another and not to debate over the differences in the rituals.


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