Create your glorified Spiritual, Social, Psychological, Physiological and Financial (SSPPF) notes and when in pain read them to yourself.

If you do not do this, when in pain your mind cannot focus on anything good that you desire for yourself and you will attract more pain to curse, to reduce you or to sink you.

Ideally, write your SSPPF notes as declarations.  For example, “There is abundance of air that seeks me to breathe me, love, and supply my vital needs of oxygen; and there is abundance of money and love that is seeking me, loving me and providing me the vital opportunities of a magnificent school to promote learning.”

Scripture says that ‘do not cry like those without hope.’ This means that “you may cry hopeful tears and declare the good.”

When a woman cry in labour, a child is born and the woman is in joy. When you cry your sorrow, there is vision, joy, wisdom and creativity of yours that must be born.

Arise for your light has come and the glory of God is already shining in you!