Just like a nightmare jolts you out of sleep, evil exists in our waking state (which spiritually is an unconscious one) to jolt us out of our zombie lives. There is no evil one the way we see it.

There are adversaries that we have to overcome. They are all appearances that we have to keep fighting in our present dream states till we wake up to reality. They are necessary for our awakening.

Our sleep can be so deep that we need nightmares to wake us up. Once you awake, they disappear. The evils you experience are your subjective realities that are products of your state but they are not part of nature or your essential nature. You created them out of identification with untruths.

The things we see in our dream state are taken from the real world but they are not real. What is real cannot disappear. It is substantive. You cannot change it. Our evolution is the evolution of our awareness. When we are awake, we can tell reality from the unreal. When you are awake then you can start living for real.

Our destiny or destination is to awake and realize that we have been dreaming all along. That which you seek already is.  The real journey begins after you have awoken to it.

Wake up and live your dreams now!