She is not necessarily the one who raises a child. Almost every woman has the potential to do that and all women can celebrate the act that can produce children.

A mother is not necessarily a parent of an individual; she mothers the world.

Men are mental beings, given to logic; women are emotional beings given to intuition.

A true mother, therefore, is the one who has identified and embodied a life enhancing emotional tone. She is a field of energy into which people come to bask themselves and be uplifted from fear, anger and other negative emotions. She is healing water or a flood of purifying water.

What is your dominant positive emotion that can uplift a soul? When a child is afraid how large do you expand to embrace them and what positive emotions do you use to lift them into a better vibration?

When you clearly define your answers to the above, you are a Mother.


The Role Women for World Peace

In 25 seconds, a man releases over 50 million spermatozoa into a woman’s creative vortex and snores or walks away.

The woman’s spiritual body interviews these released life-seekers and carefully selects who must fertilize her sacred egg; then, she nurses that sacred fusion for 25 million seconds (10 months) into a perfect human being.

Who can change the world more quickly than a woman? No matter how great and noble a man is, he comes from the womb of a woman.

A Secret to World Peace is this:

Let Every Woman Raise their Sons to Respect Another Woman.

This will create peaceful families, which are the building blocks of society.


From: Brother Ishmael Tetteh. Founder and Leader, Etherean Mission International. 

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