Procrastination has become one of man’s greatest and major diseases. We normally push actions we are supposed to take to tomorrow, next week or the following year….giving meaningless excuses why you cannot do it now.

Sometimes we say, ‘there is no time; this year I am tight; I don’t have the resources to do it; next year is my time of change so I’ll rather do it next year.’

I call them meaningless excuses because no one knows tomorrow….you can predict….but it will never be 100%. What shows that the tomorrow you are talking about wouldn’t face the same excuses you’re giving? And again, what shows that things wouldn’t get harder? Also, what even shows that there will be a tomorrow?


Join the Etherean Mission youth class this Sunday, 4th September, 2016, on our Youth Day dubbed “WHY NOT NOW!” and let’s empower ourselves to do it now.

But don’t wait for Sunday….start taking the right actions now!!!!!