When the child starts taking her first tottering steps , immediately she realizes “Wow me too I can walk” and that realization becomes the energy that drives her to walk more and more in spite of the many falls she will experience.

The dawning realization and conviction that “I can” is probably the only motivation we need to push us on to great accomplishments. For, everything we ever sought to do, we can do now in spite of every barrier or any sense of limitation we have previously imposed on our selves.

Now we forgive ourselves for belittling our abilities. We release ourselves from all restricting beliefs and any sinful idea of impossibility.

We repent of all the negative conditioning we have received from our parents, our teachers, our peers, our preacher men. We bring down our refuge of alcohol and drugs, shelters of occupations that deny us our lives and the comfort zones of so-called men of God.

We awake to the reality that the kingdom of that-which-we-seek is at hand and take our first steps toward that kingdom knowing that it is our inheritance.

‘Yes, I can’ is the mantra as we proceed to accomplish those things we have always wanted to do.

Destiny beckons and Life goads us on to greater glory and we accept our fulfillment now. And so it is. Amen.