And the angel of the LORD appeared to him and said to him, “The LORD is with you, O mighty man of valor.” (Judges 6:12)

Gideon was a young man who had questions about God and the life of his people. He was a frustrated man who felt very powerless in the face of the many troubles around him. He wondered why the God who worked miracles in the past would not step in to deliver Israel from the Midianites who plundered their wealth.

When God responded to Gideon’s query, He did not offer anything new to Gideon. God simply told him to use the power he already had to go and ‘conquer’ the Midianites. In other words, the power that Gideon needed was already inside of him. He did not have a lack of power but a lack of confidence. He did not need more power, he needed more courage.

Whatever ability God places in your life is very precious. God’s ability is part of Himself. When God imparts His or Her ability to you, He has imparted part of Himself to you. The power of God in you is able to perform tasks that God has called you to perform. His power that works in you can move every mountain and make every path straight before you. Have faith in God; have faith and get to work.

Don’t wait to hear the sound of the thunder and see flashing light before you act. If you know Father-Mother God as the Lord then His power is inside of you. God’s anointing to function rests on you and is in you. You have what it takes to be the solution to the problems of humanity.

You have the Lord on your side. Get up and move on in the might of the Lord!