‘in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.’ Romans 8:37

You go through each day hoping that things fall in place just as you always wish at the breaking of the day. And when they don’t, you become very downhearted, frustrated and embarrassed. At this point, you tend to forget the fact that God has all it takes to make things work for all of your good.

God never fails in going ahead of you to plan for you . God knows how to turn your rejection into an acceptance, your failures into blessings and even your sudden falls into new sudden heights.

God is always there and always ever ready to keep you in his/her infinite programs and love. God loves you and connects you always to people who will only make your life better and not worse! He/She is your source of breath and so God perfectly understands your heartbeats. God jealously guards you as His own and cannot watch any evil to befall you.

Put your trust in God and connect with Him/Her daily through meditation. Live in His love and give more love each day and surely, your good will get better and your better will see an overwhelming best.

Remember, God lives inside of you, He/She is you and moves with you and God cannot fail!