Jesus declared in John 5:30 “I can of my own self do nothing”. That was a huge statement of self-denial that is necessary for any spiritual attainment.

In Jesus, many God-virtues were expressed and manifested, yet in the self-denial statement he was saying that all of the virtues he expressed were the gifts of God to life and he Jesus only channeled them.

Look into your life and you will notice many acts of good and expression of many wonderful talents. When you showed care, generosity and kindness; when you counseled someone and helped someone through difficult times; when you were wise or did something creative, bold or courageous; in all of those you did nothing.

All of those expressions were the gifts of God to the world. Each virtue that has ever expressed through you was the gift of God to life. God shines His and Her virtues through.

Feel your life; recall all of the moments that any goodness came through you and realize that you are the very gift of God to the world. The good you desire to do or be today, this week or in this life time is the gift of God to life.

Declare: “I am the gift of God to life. God through me heals and blesses the nations.” Rise to this awareness!