You can create and manifest your God-qualities on Earth by being aware of your Spiritual personas (your God qualities of Creativity, Love and Intelligence).

By being aware of your Spiritual Personas you can enhance your own good, allow God’s good to flow through you and also increase the presence of God in your life.

See the love, the joy and laughter that have been brought to life through you. You will then increase the existence of God on Earth and God’s immortal traits becomes evident in your life.

Any moment that you express your divine attributes of Love, Intelligence and Creative abilities, the Universe becomes super-charged with these Spiritual personas and all of life lives to see, hear, smell, taste and touch the presence of God that you are.

Bless God for giving you the sacred task of creating your divine presence in life. As you accept this task wholeheartedly, you will gracefully accomplish them.

Know and manifest your divine inheritance in God.