The Good News Life

Start each day asking yourself, “At the end of today, what is the good news that the world will passionately love to

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Etherean Mission; A Purpose Driven Church for Purpose Seeking People   Welcome to Etherean Mission, the Church for Spiritual Empowerment. You are

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Evolution and Purpose of the Soul (3)

PHASE 3: This is your present human life. You are to develop your spiritual muscles of Love, Intelligence and Creativity with all

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Are You for Christ or for the Antichrist?

Is this the Christianity of Jesus? Christians have been teaching the message of Jesus for 2000 years, yet the world keeps getting

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The “Three Mystical Truths” Program

Are you seeking Spiritual Support in your Life? Is this the year that you take your Spiritual Practice Deeper? Are you seeking

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The Health Reset Program

Healthy Habits Adding Life to Your Years and Years to your Life Eat organic food as much as possible. We are living

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A Salvation Message (1)

Jesus did not at any time say that he was going to die to save anybody. He died to show us the

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