A start point for this subject is my book Growing the Empowered Child – A Formula for World Peace. The empowered child is the child who is happy, confident, creative, and responsible and with a drive for excellence. We do this by raising children who are free from fear and anger and identify and celebrate their uniqueness and that of others.

The mother will be a pool of positive emotions that will nourish the child when they bruise themselves and the Father is to be a pool of ideas, a library for the child to access.

In raising a child, parents should not impose their ideas and their visions on their children. In the same way that we all have unique thumb-print, your child came from you but he is a unique revelation of the universe and of pure spirit. So, what you do in raising the empowered child is to create the infrastructure suitable for the child’s nature. You must identify the child’s Gender, Persona and Sensory properties and provide the needed age specific knowledge for the child to develop his or her own personality and core identity.

You can find other resources from the empowered child game books and you can get the electronic version of this book or get the hard copy and start the game with your children. Many more courses are being created for the marvelous infinite human spirit.