The difference between the rich and the poor is the value they planted into themselves when they were young.

Power is your ability to be what you want to be; have what you want to have do what you want to do. In future, you want to be very healthy, wise, loving and have lots of money and the things money can buy – that is power life.

The power life of your future depends on the values you plant today. By learning to do more in a short time empowers you to be more in the future. Everything you do and the way you do them adds value to your life.

See the power life you want to experience in future and ask yourself what values you must plant now into yourself to have that successful future.

For example, “if you wash all the plates cheerfully each time you are adding value to your life because in so doing you are cultivating the skill of achieving more in a short time. This means you can earn more in a short time and have more time for entertainment as an adult.

Value Game – Individual Solo

1.        What value seeds am I to plant in this time to harvest the powered life of …?

2.        By what process am I to fertilize and grow the value seeds of power?

3.        At what age am I to start harvesting (living the life you envision) my fruits of power?

There is way to do this game among a group.

Youth Plant Value for Power

Each key word above has five letters. “Youth Plant Value for Power; It is all about Value” Say it several times to remind you of the power life you must have and the values needed to have it.

VALUE: Grow what you will enjoy tomorrow; it is in your hands today.

Five letter word that speaks of your five fingers and the star that you are.

You are to use your parents (teachers, uncles etc.) to add value to yourself.

We all have the same sun, water and the other elements.

The difference between the rich and the poor is the value they plant into themselves when they were young.

No one is asking you to do more than you should; you are only being encouraged to add value that you will enjoy.

If you can do more with less effort, you have added value. Such is cultivated by choosing to do more of every domestic and social work that you are called to do. Wiser still, do it if you know it must be done by somebody so you increase in abilities; it is all about value.

If you can do it and it won’t cost your life, don’t argue, do it and learn something through it. The more you learn the more you can do and the more you can harvest; it is all about value.

If you eat for nourishment and not for entertainment but for health you are adding value.

If you can cultivate inner strength, emotional and mental so that you are not easily hurt and less of a worry person you have added value.

What thoughts and feelings honour you? It is you who think them and you can choose the thoughts you want. With every thought that you think and feelings you feel that honours you, you have added value.

With every book you read, music you listen to or movie you watch that adds to your knowledge you have added value.

With every friendship that supports creative thinking and the desire to do more and train yourself beyond your limits, you have added value.

You have the future now and you have to plant what you want to harvest in it. If you plant 100 mango trees and spent time to fertilize their grounds, you obviously would have more in the future than the one who planted only two mango trees and wasted their time hanging out with friends and having frivolous conversations. It is all about value.

If you spend quality time with friends for growth and not for gossip, you are adding value.