EMAT O4: The Learning Technology

EMAT is an acronym of Etherean Mission Application Technology and the first three central technologies of life is on sex, communication and money.

The fourth technology of life is Learning. Life itself is a learning classroom. EMAT 04 The Learning Technology establishes that no child is dull at the soul level and the soul can know every subject that it wants to. EMAT 04 provides tools for removing the effect of societal conditioning that makes the youth think, for example, that girls cannot do Science or Math and filling them with a new attitude towards these subjects.

In EMAT 04, learning is defined as the art of making something your own for the advancement of your life. You may have great possessions but that is no learning because they can be stolen or affected by some natural disaster. What is your own is what you have internalized and you will have the right to take it with you wherever you go.

The understanding of this definition alone will change your attitude towards learning and it will be the only motivational tool necessary to spur you on to achievement. Many students go through education and may come out with their doctorate degrees without having learnt anything. Many persons have advanced in age and been through myriads of experiences and yet have learnt nothing. Many students for example study with the objective of passing an examination or getting a good job.

In such an instance, the objective is to satisfy an external condition. They are studying for the examiner or the employer and not for themselves. To leave yourself out of your objective of learning is to come out empty. In fact learning must have you as the only objective; it must enrich you internally and thus become one with you.

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Master Learning Techniques

Do this practice to acquire the inner ability of making something your own.
1. Hold a pen in your hand.
2. Make the pen your own.
3. Feel the pen.
4. Make sure the pen is your own.
5. Let go of the pen.
Go over this drill several times until you can make the pen your own which nobody else can take from you. You can do this drill using any subject or topic of a subject.
1. Think of a subject such as biology.
2. See yourself enjoying and loving the subject.
3. Make the subject your own.
4. See yourself using the subject to enhance your life.
5. Let go of your thought on the subject.
As a student, you do not learn for your parents to praise you. You learn to own the knowledge and make use of it. When studying any subject the question you have to ask yourself is “What is there in this subject which I can make mine?” The subject could be technical drawing, life skills, biology, arithmetic etc. In biology for example, you learn about fruits which contain vitamins to keep the body healthy.
Learn Easily

You learn easily when you love your subjects; you love your subjects when you see their benefits to you.
For any subject that you learn, list hundreds of benefit they will be to you. You do not have to get the entire list in a day. Start with ten and add to it as you do the process. Read this list to yourself before learning and before sleep. Reading it before sleep takes the information into the subconscious mind and it is registered as your life. The prompts are:
What benefit is (mention subject) to me?
Who benefits when I learn and how?