Growing the Empowered Child

An empowered child is the child who is happy, confident, creative, responsible and has a drive for excellence. We achieve this through easy-to-do games for the clearing of fear, and anger and also help them to identify and celebrate their uniqueness and the uniqueness of others.
Imagine 25 years from now, we have a world of youngsters without fear or anger, and who are aware of, and celebrate their uniqueness. That is a world of Peace and we can start growing it now. Such a world of empowered youngsters will generate a purifying energy that will purify the minds of the elderly and will certainly manifest the finished kingdom of God. Together, we can make the Heaven we have dreamt of happen, here and now.
The Growing the Empowered Child program is made up of age specific games, some of which involve drawing, singing, or some similar activity. The Word Empowerment game is one of them and it is a useful tool for total empowerment and to accelerate learning.