We follow the teachings of Jesus and not the mass consciousness of the church.
Our mission is to① awaken all to oneness ②teach the divine nature of man, and to ③ restore the mystical traditions and dignity of the African people.

1. We believe in the Oneness of life as opposed to segregations based on religion, culture and race and declare that anything to the contrary is antichrist. For example, the factionalism that we see between Christians and Moslems, for example, is against the spirit of Jesus and of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).
We believe that everyone is a divine child of God created in God’s spiritual image and likeness and thus, we are all reflection of the One God. Genesis 1: 26-28.
Divine Empowerment
2. We believe in divine empowerment to experience the power and presence of God here and now as opposed to getting this when we die and go to “heaven”. We teach with Jesus that the Kingdom (power, love and presence) of God indwells everyone and to the degree that you are conscious of it, you express it. Luke 17: 20-21. We, therefore, provide the needed spiritual tools for this conscious awakening.
Respect for Self and Culture
3. We believe that all cultures are divine, including the African Cultures and they carry the collective dignity of the individuals in that culture and must be respected. We realize that African cultures are targeted endangered species and we work towards the restoration of the Mystical Traditions of the African People. The diversity of cultures is part of the creative design for the celebration of dynamic beauty and the destruction of the African cultures will be a huge loss to world civilisation.

The lack of self-acceptance of African people is the primary cause of all levels of deprivations and wrong thinking in their lives. This situation is primarily caused by religions that make the African feel wrong to be what they are as a people and in their cultures. Most of the cultures promoted in the world today are Western and not Biblical or of the Koran. In the teachings of Jesus, he clearly honoured his culture and so must every culture.

Other Beliefs
4. We believe in God as the Only Power and without opposite, absolutely loving in whose world a so-called devil cannot exist.
5. We believe in the active practice of loving all as opposed to binding, cursing and destroying our supposed enemies.

Simply, We are Mystic Christians.