salvation message 1
We were created in God’s Spiritual image and likeness and blessed to expand and express the qualities of God. Genesis 1:26-28.
Allegorically, we fell from that grace of full God expression by yielding to the persuasions of the senses instead of the spirit. Genesis 3: 1-17.
Salvation, therefore, is to restore you into the image and likeness of God. John 10:34
Jesus started with his ministry with the teaching that you must repent your old ways of thinking and being, for God’s kingdom is within your reach. Matthew 4:17.
The obvious question to this teaching was, when will it come? Jesus answered that it is not a material thing to be seen or observed but that God and his whole kingdom is WITHIN you. Luke 17:20-21.
If the God and his whole kingdom is within you then who are you? Jesus taught that you are gods. This teaching was a blasphemy punishable by death in Jewish tradition. So they took stones, like they have always done before, to kill him but Jesus escaped. John 10:30-34.
When they wanted a reason to crucify him, they asked him if he was the child of God and in his yes response, he was condemned to death. Matthew 26:60-66.
Salvation, therefore, is the transformation of your human consciousness into God Consciousness; and Jesus was the example of how to attain it.
The death of Jesus is, therefore, meaningless if you do stand up for the reason he died. Embrace your divinity as a Child of God.